Mummy & Me ‘Elegance’ Mini Sessions 2019.

What will your children find in the future when they look for photos of you?  

Will they find many prints of themselves with you?

So many of us theses days, have very little in the way of a real tangible portrait, one that can be hung proudly in the home and then passed down through the generations of our family.

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As a mum, you are their absolute world. You are the centre of their universe.  Exist in photos with them, for them. 

Mummy and me introductory price.
  • These mini sessions will be approximately 30-40 minutes long. This includes the getting dressed and undressed time. Young children have short attention spans, especially for posing in photographs, so a mini session is perfect. (I aim to get 6 finished images for you to choose from).

  • Your favourite image as both a digital and 10”x8” lustre print.

  • Each extra digital can be purchased for £25 each, or 5 for £100. Each extra digital will come with a matching 9x6 inch lustre print. ( Black and white versions count as separate choices).

  • £25 is required at booking to reserve your spot. This is non refundable if you do not show up. It can be moved to another date in case of illness but I must be informed at least one hour prior to appointment. The remaining £25 must be paid before or on the day of your session. Images will not be edited until the £50 has been paid in full. Thank you.

  • You will be invited back a few weeks after the session to view and choose your images. I am not a sales person! There will be no hard sale. It’s down to you how many images you purchase.

  • These sessions will be held in my home space in Wellington.

  • Due to space limitations, up to 4 children with mummy only unfortunately. 


"It has long been acknowledged that family photos on display in the home, help boost a child's sense of identity and creates a sense of belonging"

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Do not under-estimate the power of clothing! Your outfit choices can really make or break an image! Carefully selected outfits can take an average image and turn it into a WOW piece!

I would love for you to come to this elegant portrait session with your favourite glamorous dress, perhaps a bridesmaids dress you never thought you’d get to wear again, or your favourite cocktail or Christmas dress, perhaps your daughter’s or niece’s prom dress! Don't worry if it doesn't do up at the back, we won't see it. Beg or borrow - Just get a beautiful dress! If you could please make every effort to dress your child(ren) in similar colours it really will give the finished photograph the wow factor!

Take the below and above photographs. Imagine mummy was wearing a black dress, the girl in a neon pink t-shirt with an image of 'Lady Glitter-Sparkles' and a pair of jeans and the other in a pastel floral dress. This image would not have the same appeal. A lovely image no doubt but it would lack the cohesion for the wow factor. 

These portraits really will look best when mum and child(ren) are coordinating.

If you really don’t have one, fear not! I have a few in my collection especially for you to borrow. I have purposely bought a few gowns, some with a corset style fastening at the back of the dress to hopefully fit various sizes. So if you are smaller, I can clip you in and if you are larger than the dress, I can leave some of it undone, we won’t be seeing the back of the dress.

The colours I have are dusty pink, navy, teal, beige, black and cream lace dresses.

As a mummy of 4 daughters and 2 nieces, I do have an array of beautiful girls dresses, that you are more than welcome to borrow. I'm afraid I'm lacking in the male clothing department! But for the boys a plain short or long sleeved T-shirt or a simple shirt and jeans or trousers will look wonderful. 

If you would like to pop over prior to the day of your session to look at the dresses or try them on so you know what colour outfits you’ll need for your child(ren), you are more than welcome to do so, please contact me before to arrange this.

So please take a little time to think about your outfits. No logos, slogans or trolls! Keep colour palette similar or complimentary.  All pastels or all deep and muted tones. All black or all cream.  Don’t forget to touch up your nail polish and do your hair and makeup too, treat yourself! :)


Please inbox me on my Karen Kimmins Photography FaceBook page and I will answer in order.

State which date and time you would like, I will send you my bank details and the £25 must be paid into my bank by bank transfer to book your spot. I will hold your time for one day only. No slots can be reserved for longer than this without the £25 payment. Thank you.

It will be on the basis of first come first served and then your slot will be secured once paid. 

The £25 is non refundable if you do not show up. It can be moved to another date in case of illness but I must be informed at least one hour prior to appointment. 


Saturday 5th October - 









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 I want to provide wow images for you, that not only your children will treasure for all time, but that you will be proud of too.

I'm so excited about these sessions! I hope you are too :) 

Karen x