Breastfeeding Photos.

Beautiful Amelia with her gorgeous baby boy.

They came in for his 4 month old portrait session recently. 

One part of motherhood that I adored was the bond and the closeness of breastfeeding.

It’s not always easy in the beginning. You’re not always aware just how painful breastfeeding can be for some, for me it was like someone was stabbing me with a thousand pins in my nipples each time I had to feed. I’d sit there, biting down on a tea towel shoved in my mouth, whilst tears streamed down my face. It was horrendous actually. But I knew I had to persevere. I was determined.

Once you get past those initial couple of weeks, it’s the most rewarding and beautiful thing ever (and convenient).

I am, however, a big believer in respecting each mum’s right to decide what is best for them and their family. For some, that’s breastfeeding their children until they are 6, for some until they are 2 weeks old and for some mum’s, it’s not at all. Society shouldn’t make us feel bad for any decision we make regarding feeding our own child. 

I breastfed 3 out of 4 of my daughters. 23 years ago when I had my first, I was young, found it incredibly painful and the thought of breastfeeding in public at the age of 17 filled me with absolute dread. I quickly gave up trying. But deeply regretted it. 

I breastfed my second and third daughters until they were around 12 months old and my fourth daughter right up until her 3rd birthday. 

I had never planned on feeding her that long, my other daughters naturally weaned themselves off, so I thought she’d just do the same, but she never did. She had always refused any other type of milk. Even my own expressed milk in any of the many bottles and different teats we tried with her. 

As time went on, I must admit, I was met with a few raised eyebrows when I mentioned I was still feeding my almost 3 year old daughter,  and although part of me wanted my body back, I wasn’t really ready to give up, I loved that closeness,  being able to comfort my little girl when she was sad or hurting, to gently nurse her off to sleep every night. I loved it mostly. I do miss it. I still miss it now. But I did feel like a lot of people around me thought that I ought to be giving it up as she was past the baby/toddler stage. I’d been prepping her for a few months prior, asking her almost daily, what was going to happen when she turned 3 -  “no more gook mummy”.  I choose her third birthday as I thought she’d have all the excitement of her celebrations and her new toys to distract her slightly, and my plan worked. Just like that, she stopped. We stopped.  

I didn’t feel the relief like I thought I would, I just felt awfully guilty and incredibly sad for a good few weeks after.                                              


Most mums that  I have spoken to about this subject, have mixed feelings when giving up, the relief of having their body back and being able to actually go out with their hubby or friends without having to rush back within a few hours with the boob!  But overwhelmingly the sadness at the end of a very special stage in theirs and their babies life. 

I only have one photo of this most precious time. A quick snap on my husbands mobile phone sat on the sofa surrounded by laundry and nappy bag contents. I don’t even know if it still exists.

I really regret not having a special portrait of myself nursing my precious baby girls.

Once your milk has all dried up and your boobs are all your own again, yes we have the memories, but memories can fade, prints will be always be there, reminding us of one of the most wonderful and rewarding parts of early motherhood. 

I firmly believe it's something we must celebrate!

 I am now going to be adding breastfeeding mini shoots to all baby/child ( 4 months+)  portrait sessions as a bonus extra for a limited time or they can be booked as a stand alone mini session, 3 digitals and your favourite in a 9x6 print for £45.  

Of course if you are not breastfeeding, you can also have an image like this just cuddled up with your baby or child.

Karen x 

Evans Cake Smash

My first passion is newborn photography but Cake Smash sessions are quickly becoming a very close second, they are so much fun! 

Little Evan is my nephew and it was an absolute pleasure to photograph his first birthday cake smash and splash session. 

 My sister has kindly agreed to show you some of the funny outtakes of the session, his little faces were hilarious :D 

Here's a few from his session and some of those funny faces! 

Ava's Newborn Session.

I've had a run of beautiful little girls recently. Here's gorgeous little Ava and her equally gorgeous family. Oh and an absolutely stunning wedding dress! 

If you would like a newborn session, do book early to avoid disappointment, I only book in a few per week and I'm getting booked up fast.

Hope to meet you soon! 

Karen x

Newborn session for Lily-Rose

It was a pleasure as always to meet Lily-Rose and her lovely family. I feel very blessed to be doing this as my job.

Here's some of my favourites from her session. 

Henry's Newborn session

This adorable little man came to visit last week. Such a sweet little thing and he curled up so nicely! 

Henry's parents were happy for me to choose the styling for this session, so I went for lots of deep earthy tones, my favourite for little boys  :) 

Artistic nude maternity session.

There's not much else out there as beautiful as the body of a women with child, especially this gorgeous mummy-to-be. This is F's first pregnancy, she wanted to record this special time and the changes to her body during pregnancy.

F was keen to go for the more artistic, black and white, fine art nude style of maternity portraiture, which is my favourite! 

I don't often post images from this style of maternity photoshoots due to the private nature of the subject so I'm so thrilled to be able to share some of the images with you, although some will be left for her husbands eyes only! 

This style of maternity portraiture involves carefully placed lights, highlighting the beautiful bump and curves of the body, purposely leaving some of the body in shadow.

These artistic pregnancy photo shoots perfectly illustrate the pregnant form. 


If you would like to book a pregnancy photoshoot with me please do get in touch. You will find more images and information by pressing the box below.

Hope to meet you soon,

Karen x

Newborn Session with Amber

Had the pleasure of meeting another lovely family last week. Mum and dad came along with beautiful baby Amber and big brother Mason. 

I'm on a run of babies that aren't very sleepy for their newborn session at the moment! And Amber was no exception, she grumbled at me every time I tried to move her! So a more relaxed approach was taken to keep her happy! Lots of wrapped shots and natural posing for this little lady :) 

Please do get in touch if you would like any more information about my newborn photography sessions or click below for detailed info on these sessions.

I look forward to meeting you, 

Karen x

Newborn photography session with Milania-Reign

This little one wasn't interested in sleeping very much for her newborn photography session! 

A lot of newborn photographers panic when baby doesn't go to sleep, but I find it's best just to go with the flow, as long as baby is fed, warm and content, awake portraits are just stunning and often end up being the parents favourite images anyway.

It is almost impossible to pose an awake baby so I usually start by wrapping them up in a swaddle type fashion with one of my many wraps. This then stops the flailing arms or 'party arms' as I like to call them! Sometimes the flailing arms can actually hinder sleep, so wrapping can be really helpful. The baby then feels nice and snug and cosy and quite often then falls asleep. :) 

She did eventually sleep but even with sleep she had her own ideas about being posed! 

Here's a few beautiful photographs of a wide awake gorgeous little Milania-Reign.


If you would like to find out more about my newborn photography session please press the button below. 

Karen x


So this little blog is going to be mostly my sessions with a little of my own personal love of photography.

We went to Lisbon in the half term for a few days, we've been before but loved the City so much we decided to go back again. Last time we went it was so hot, too hot for exploring! February weather was perfect for exploring the old streets of Alfama, our favourite part. Alfama is the oldest district of Lisbon, spreading out on the slope between the Sao Jorge Castle and the river Tejo.

I have a thing for doors, old, pretty or unusual doors, and Porta D'Alfama is full pretty old doors. Even my 5 year old daughter walks past old doors and says 'that's a mum door' . Instagram is to blame for my door love. 

Here's a few of my favourite photographs of Lisbon and some old Lisbon doors! 

And a trip to the Oceanarium to keep the little one happy! 

And a couple collages to sum up Lisbon for us :) 

Lisbon by Karen Kimmins
Lisbon by Karen Kimmins

Cake smash and splash Session - Ellie

Little Ellie is another one of my newborn photography clients back for her first birthday cake smash celebrations! All of my newborn photography clients receive a discount for their smash and splash sessions. 

Here she is about a year ago looking pretty in pink!  :) 

Karen Kimmins newborn photography..jpg


Her theme was pink and gold and she came in the most adorable gold sequin and tulle romper outfit. I do have several outfits that my clients can borrow for cake smash sessions. 

Here's a montage of photos from this birthday session. Every Gold package will receive one of these digital images when booking a session with me.

These smash and splash sessions are held in the comfort of my home space in Wellington. Hopefully little ones will find the home environment setting less intimidating than a studio and be ready and confident in no time to start their first birthday photo session :) 

I look forward to meeting you and your little one,

Karen x