Photography is an important investment.

I'm a firm believer in having portraits hung on the walls to create that sense of belonging and comfort for your children, lots of photo albums for your children and family to look through and all to be passed down through the generations of your family. Prints live in our lives like digitals cannot. 

We run the risk of our future generations not knowing much of our families and how we lived. Everything is stored digitally and with technology advancing so quickly, old files will become obsolete and inaccessible.

And it's not just our children's portraits we should have in print and hung on our walls. 

Just look at this beautiful radiant mummy to be. She looks so happy. Imagine how much her child will treasure this photo in years to come, to see how excited and proud she was all those years ago with her or him in her tummy. I only wish I had an image of myself like this to pass down to each of daughters. 


By choosing to have your family professionally photographed, by purchasing prints and wall art, you are making a very important investment for your family and your future generations :) 


Karen x