Fun walks to do with children in Devon & Somerset.

I am compiling (very slowly) a small list of walks in this area that we have enjoyed as a family. These are not in any particular order.

1. Littlecombe Shoot

Approx 4.5 miles (full walk) or 2.5 (shorter version) | Pushchair unfriendly | Dog friendly |

*I must point out for this walk, depending on the time of year, the paths can become overgrown with stinging nettles and some brambles. It's a great adventure but by the middle of summer I'd highly recommend a large stick or something to chop your way through! This only relates to a couple of small sections* 

For this walk we drive into Branscombe village and park in the village hall carpark ( £2 parking fee to be tossed into the well).

Walk out of carpark and turn right up the hill until you reach the church yard. Walk through the church yard, over the small bridge and follow the path up into the woods. As you get to the top of the hill you'll find a track junction and turn right. 

After around a quarter of a mile along the track, turn left onto the Western mouth track. This will lead you to a clearing (you may see a car or two parked) take the path that leads straight ahead. 

Start of Bill Perriman path.

This leads you onto the Bill Perriman path. This path winds its way down to Littlecombe shoot beach. Beware, there a plenty of steep sections, make sure you hold onto your little ones!

As the beach nears, there are steeper sections of path and hand ropes have been attached to help you down. As you get to a point around 8feet from the pebbles, the path drops and some make shift ladders have been provided to get you down. With a bit of bum-shuffling and bravery you are onto the pebbles feeling like you've already had a great adventure!! 

This pebble beach has a lonely rugged charm. And if you can time it with low tide, the rock pools are brilliant and well worth a paddle. 

Littlecombe shoot

When it's time to carry on, walk down the beach (to your right if looking toward the sea) and eventually you will come to a footpath sign which takes you back up the cliffs.

Once again this has steep sections and some ropes have been provided for your convenience. When you get to the top it opens out into a grassy field and you will see straight ahead a sign post.

Follow the sign towards Berry Barton. This leads you across the field to a gate, go through, turn left, follow the track, past a caravan park and Berry Barton farm.  

This takes you onto a road junction with the main farm in front of you, turn left and right at the farm gate to the side of the farm, there is a foot path sign. Follow the footpath around the back of the farm house , pass an old WW2 jeep, through to the next field, go straight ahead and you'll see a post with a small yellow arrow turning you left, up the side of the field to a stile under an oak tree. Once over, this is the first point where your stick may come in handy! Follow the short path through the trees to the next stile. Over the stile and proceed down the hill to the road and civilisation. (This field can get very overgrown, don't be put off). 

On arrival at the road, you have the option of turning right back into Branscombe or turning left and continuing your adventure. 

Turning left as we do, follow the road up the hill, keeping a keen eye on your left for a footpath sign that looks as if you are walking through someones garden! The footpath does exist, you haven't taken a wrong turn and may be the thinnest path in the world. Proceed through he gate, up the steps and onto the next section where your stick may be necessary. The path winds up the hill and comes out onto a farmers crop field.

Follow the edge of field away from direction you just walked, you will see a wind sock high up ahead of you. Follow the fence to the opening and cross into field on your right and walk to the  next stile. 

Cross over stile but make sue you stop and check for aircraft! this field is an airstrip that dates back to WW2. Go over the stile and you'll come to a lane, turn right, follow the lane as it winds its way down the valley and you'll start to see the sea in the distance. Eventually the lane turns a very sharp left back on itself, at this point, you'll see another lane that turns right (feeling like you're walking straight on). Follow this right hand lane, takes you into village, past the school and eventually onto the main road where you turn left back to your car. 

Your South-Devon adventure is complete!