New logo to match my new direction!

I first got my logo about 3 and a half years ago and although I love it and I still do, I did not really know then the direction I was going to go in back then. Was I even going to try to get into wedding photography or not (that will be a big fat no!!) 

I now know that I’ll be sticking to newborns, maternity and children. 

Newborn images. Wellington, Somerset.

When I began on my photography journey, I was inspired by the dark, organic tones, all things rustic , lots of browns and dusky pinks. But although that was what I loved at the time, I’ve found my clients seldom go for those colours.  Mostly my newborn photography clients choose pastels and creams and fresh whites or the timeless black and whites.

I have  found over time that my logo/branding colours just weren’t matching the look of the majority of my work anymore.

Newborn photography, Wellington, Somerset.

I also love to add flowers and foliage to the sessions and the mum’s of baby girls (especially those that have already had a boy!) often love to add flowers to some of the images through a their session. 

I used to be passionate about all things flora.  I studied at Cannington college in horticulture many years ago & I worked in a specialist garden nursery before I started my photography business. I adore plants and flowers. I used to spend hours in my garden and greenhouse but alas, running my own business, I seldom have the time these days. So adding a little floral decoration to my set-ups, I get my gardening fix!!!! :D

I thought about just changing my logo to black but now knowing that 99% of the time it is you lovely ladies that search for the newborn photographer and make the contact, I’d like to pretty it up a bit!

So taking all of that into account, here is my new logo which I think will fit my branding and style perfectly!

Karen Kimmins Newborn Photography logo

My old logo hasn't been made totally redundant, it is being used on my fine art floral prints page, so I still get to appreciate it daily!! 

Karen x