Number 13 - Lucky for some!

One of the lovely things about this job apart from having cuddles with the most gorgeous new little human beings but also meeting the lovely parents too :) 

Little Luca and his family came for their newborn photography shoot a couple of weeks ago and it was a pleasure, as always to meet them all. I think Luca was having a little growth spurt and wanted a lot of milk. This is why I ask to allow up to 4 hours for the session for days like this. Luca was not going to play ball until he was happy and content with his belly very full! And of course, as they should, baby rules the session! 

 I wrote on my Facebook page about the amazing lucky 13 number but I'll tell it again for those that missed it as it's really amazing! 

Luca's daddy's lucky number has always been very strongly number 13. He even has a personalised number plate with the number 13 in it. Luca was born on the 13th, on the 13th hour in the 13th minute. How AMAZING is that!!!? 

Here are a few of my favourite images form this newborn session. 

I hope to meet you for a portrait session soon :)

Karen x