artistic pregnant photos

Artistic nude maternity session.

There's not much else out there as beautiful as the body of a women with child, especially this gorgeous mummy-to-be. This is F's first pregnancy, she wanted to record this special time and the changes to her body during pregnancy.

F was keen to go for the more artistic, black and white, fine art nude style of maternity portraiture, which is my favourite! 

I don't often post images from this style of maternity photoshoots due to the private nature of the subject so I'm so thrilled to be able to share some of the images with you, although some will be left for her husbands eyes only! 

This style of maternity portraiture involves carefully placed lights, highlighting the beautiful bump and curves of the body, purposely leaving some of the body in shadow.

These artistic pregnancy photo shoots perfectly illustrate the pregnant form. 


If you would like to book a pregnancy photoshoot with me please do get in touch. You will find more images and information by pressing the box below.

Hope to meet you soon,

Karen x