So this little blog is going to be mostly my sessions with a little of my own personal love of photography.

We went to Lisbon in the half term for a few days, we've been before but loved the City so much we decided to go back again. Last time we went it was so hot, too hot for exploring! February weather was perfect for exploring the old streets of Alfama, our favourite part. Alfama is the oldest district of Lisbon, spreading out on the slope between the Sao Jorge Castle and the river Tejo.

I have a thing for doors, old, pretty or unusual doors, and Porta D'Alfama is full pretty old doors. Even my 5 year old daughter walks past old doors and says 'that's a mum door' . Instagram is to blame for my door love. 

Here's a few of my favourite photographs of Lisbon and some old Lisbon doors! 

And a trip to the Oceanarium to keep the little one happy! 

And a couple collages to sum up Lisbon for us :) 

Lisbon by Karen Kimmins
Lisbon by Karen Kimmins