Newborn photography session with Milania-Reign

This little one wasn't interested in sleeping very much for her newborn photography session! 

A lot of newborn photographers panic when baby doesn't go to sleep, but I find it's best just to go with the flow, as long as baby is fed, warm and content, awake portraits are just stunning and often end up being the parents favourite images anyway.

It is almost impossible to pose an awake baby so I usually start by wrapping them up in a swaddle type fashion with one of my many wraps. This then stops the flailing arms or 'party arms' as I like to call them! Sometimes the flailing arms can actually hinder sleep, so wrapping can be really helpful. The baby then feels nice and snug and cosy and quite often then falls asleep. :) 

She did eventually sleep but even with sleep she had her own ideas about being posed! 

Here's a few beautiful photographs of a wide awake gorgeous little Milania-Reign.


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Karen x