Cute little cousins newborn photoshoot

We recently welcomed into the world a new member to our family. Beautiful little Matilda, my second grandchild. I will be doing a little blog post about her newborn photoshoot very soon, well she actually had a couple! (Perks of your mum being a newborn photographer)

My daughter's partner's brother and his partner also had their first born son arrive a week after Matilda, so of course we had to do a mini newborn session with the two of them together. 

Of course, the law of sod was at work, so when one baby was fast asleep, the other awake and then vice-versa. Still we managed to get some very cute shots of them wrapped up, snuggled next to each other. We also just about managed to get Matilda's big Sister to lie still for a few seconds to get one of her with her new baby sister and cousin (parents crouched down either side just out of shot for safety as two years old can be unpredictable)! 

Such sweet little images of them both. Here's a few of my favourites. 

How lovely to grow up with cousins so close in age. I have very fond memories of hanging out with our cousins on the weekends when we were growing up :) 

Karen x