What happens when a cakes smash doesn't go to plan!

Dear little Milania-Reign is another of my newborn clients back to celebrate her first birthday. 

She had the most beautiful romper for the first portrait section of the cake smash session and she has the most adorable little curls to match. Such a cutie! Milania was all smiles and full of cuddles, even for me:) All was going well. All happy smiles and clapping for the camera..... 

Now I've experienced many reactions to the cake smash session from these little clients, not all of them always like the cake, most do but some have not been all that enamoured with the cake. I usually have a few little tricks and props that usually help them warm to the cake.

But whilst we were getting these adorable shots of the first portraits, suddenly little Milania became quiet and you could almost see the uncertainty wash down over her face - she suddenly decided she did not like my camera or my flash! UH-OH!!!

We took a break, played with her away from the light and got her dressed for the cake portion. But no, she really wasn't impressed! When this happens we try the wooden spoon, the bubbles come out early, but no! She really was not keen on me with my camera! 

I only book one session per day so if this happens, we can take as long as we need to make a little one feel comfortable. We all had a drink and I bought out the bucket of toys. I sat with the camera on my lap for a while to try and get her used to it being close to her. 

Milania loves the bath at home so we were keeping everything crossed for that. I began without the flash, just taking shots of her to allow her to get used to one thing at a time and thankfully it worked, all was well!  Yay a happy Milania once more - PHEW!!!

One thing that always makes me chuckle is the singing, dancing and funny noises and faces we do during a session to keep little ones happy and laughing.  

Myself, mummy and auntie Summer must have sang wind the bobbin up about 20 times for Milania! 

She had such a great time in the end and loved her bubbles and splash portion of the cake smash session. 

Karen x